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What is the brands' name and what does it mean?


The official name of the brand is " The Onyx Image Apparel". Many dub it "ONYX", Which is perfectly fine. "The ONYX stands for Only Now You Xperience. The concept behind the brand , was to provide a new outlet for individuals through their urban wear. A metaphor and literal interpretation of growing into ones' true self, and living a new life full of un-regrettable actions. We want to combine unorthodox artistic choices and beautifully scripted messages to create a gorgeous experience when wearing our brand. 


Where’s my order? How long does shipping usually take?



We try our best to get orders to you in 5-10 business days (M-F). Occasionally, it can take up to 15 business days. It is rare for production and shipping to take more time than this, but as we are a small business when mistakes occur -- some that are out of our control like production errors -- it gets hard to get caught back up quickly. Rest assured, if you think we forgot your order -- we didn’t! We are taking care of everybody as best as we can and will get your gear to you ASAP. In worst case scenario the CEO will reach out to you personally and work on your specific issue.



Can you send me free gear so that I can be a model?


We appreciate the offer! However, a lot of our pictures come from friends of the brand and or a brand ambassador. If you’d like to support, the best way to do so is to buy your own gear and either DM us/tag us in your pictures on Instagram or email them to us. Or type in BAM, We run giveaways and discounts fairly frequently, so there’s plenty of opportunities to cop something from The Onyx Image Apparel.



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